Fall and Winter in Madrid, Spain

Fall and Winter in Madrid, Spain

Fall and Winter in Madrid, Spain

Rain has arrived.  This means the Summer has ended officially.  Why do I say this?  It hardly ever rains during the summer in Madrid.  We went from June to October with only 2 measurable precipitation events that I can remember.  Today is a soaking, all-day rain, the kind of rain we need here.  It also means that fall has arrived, and winter is on the way.

Why travel to Madrid in the Fall/Winter?

Creative Travel Madrid wants to ease your fears about traveling to Madrid in the fall and winter months.  The vineyards are in plain harvest, my favorite time to visit.  The tours are amazing, and we have our own wine denomination here in Madrid.  And, they are cranking out some amazing wines that gladly do not make it outside Spain!  If you pair this up with a typical, local restaurant, you can have a fine day.

The weather is generally wonderful.  Other than a higher chance of rain than in the summer, Madrid is still the city of clear, blue skies.  Fall normally has temps in the 70’s until November.  It really does not get cold here until mid-december or so.  And even with the cold, it is not that cold for an American unless you live in California or Florida.  Temperatures generally stay in the mid 40’s all winter long.  It can get windy, and the locals complain of the cold, but bundled up properly, and you will not have any issue here.

This is a good time to bring up the Foulard, or the scarf.  Here in Europe, and especially in Madrid, most men wear a Foulard.  Not only is it a neck and face protector from the cold, it is a fashion accessory.  I can tell you from experience, that it is more fashion than warmth garment.  I have over 15 scarves of varying colours and fabrics to go with any outfit!  In the states, most men only wear a scarf for warmth, and fashion is the last thing on their minds.

Lastly, Madrid is less crowded in Fall and Winter.  It is easier to access all the attractions in the winter months as most tourists are home and without excuses to travel.  Give us a call or email anytime.  We would love to give you a free consultation via our travel formulary on the website.  Come and see us in Madrid!