Larry & Yaiza
Madrid Private Guides


A few years ago, I was on the Atlanta-Madrid flight.  I began to speak to a couple who were visiting Madrid for just two days.  Before landing, we exchanged phone numbers, and I offered to show them a little of Madrid that evening if they agreed.  They called me later that day, and we confirmed plans for the evening.  My brothers and sisters-in-laws, my wife and I joined the couple for dinner at one of my favorite places in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  We ate and drank typical food and wine, and afterwards, we enjoyed gin/tonics at another great lounge.  At the end of the evening, the couple thanked us profusely.  They said that they were originally going to stay around the hotel, and they felt like they had really experienced a part of Madrid that most tourists miss.

That moment touched me, and I felt that I could help tourists enjoy Madrid much more than the average experience.  I began to set up my business on this model.  Open up the Madrid experience based on the interests of each client, and on what we have enjoyed while traveling.

We are not "official" tour guides, nor do we want to be.  We offer experiences that most "official" tour guides cannot and do not.  Furthermore, with 30 years in Spain, we know and understand what Americans want to see and know.

How do I know and understand about Spain?

  • 6 years of Spanish in High School
  • Bachelor of Arts in both Spanish and Political Science at Tufts University 1990
  • 6 months in Madrid Study Abroad Program in Madrid living with Spanish family and studying at the Autonomous University of Madrid
  • 3 Businesses in Spain
  • 30 years of vacation time and exploring Spain
  • 5 years of living in Madrid

Yaiza and I would like to welcome you to Madrid.  Allow us to share with you the REAL Madrid for memories that will last a lifetime.



Larry Hyman

Owner of Creative Travel Madrid